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The PFS Staff

PFS has several kinds of staff members, each with their own particular abilities and permissions. Many of our staff members are switches and may also be seen as pony/pet/other cute critters from time to time. However, please remember that this may not apply to everyone. If a staff member is wearing their official title, it's a good bet that they are not interested in switching, even if they may be wearing tack (for example during a polo game). A staff member in tack, that is wearing her or his official staff title, is not free for the taking - unless they specifically gave you permission. Do *not* just grab a staff member's collar (if she/he is wearing one) and switch it into pony mode. Remember that! Also, reading profiles *is* your friend :)

From Groom to Stable Owner, PFS have different roles:

  • Groom

  • Apprentice Trainer

  • Trainer

  • Senior Trainer

  • Stable Manager

  • Stable Owner

Because PFS is a fun place we don’t believe a better tag is helping. So, for that purpose, whatever your rank is you are and remain a Groom first (remember it). Managers with the help of the Senior Trainers are in charge of the daily management of PFS, they care about the daily flow of requests about new Aspirants, new Grooms, monitoring the progress of the sign-offs, collar settings, stall assignment, events, and the possible dramas. PFS makes a point to keep its staff list with only active ones? We have a system to detect inactive staff, by inactive we call any new groom not interacting with ponies at PFS during 15 days and other staff during 68 days. The inactive staff gets reminders before they get evicted from the Management group. Being evicted from the Management group is not definitive, PFS can reactivate your rights at any time, just ask the staff.

staff roles


Grooms are the foundation here at PFS. They may not necessarily be the youngest members of the team though, as you can stay at this level indefinitely if you want to and no one will push you to the next step. Their responsibility is the general welfare of our ponies. They take them out for their daily exercise, bring them to events, provide an open ear if needed, and are usually the first members of staff that visitors to the stable may encounter. They have limited abilities as far as day-to-day stable operation is concerned (unable to assign stalls, may not sign off on pony promotions, may not invite new staff or ponies, possibly restricted access to a collar if a pony owner is set). They respect the golden rule, about ponies, leave it as you found it), an exception is for those who are engaged into a longer RP needing to keep the pony in a specific setup. Also: Please keep in mind that it is perfectly possible that some of our Grooms are not dominant at heart, and just enjoy interacting with our ponies.

Apprentice Trainer

In addition to what a Groom does, an Apprentice Trainer is working on the Trainer sign-offs. The role purpose is to help the Trainers and above to figure out more easily who works on the Trainer role and who doesn't.


PFS Trainers are Apprentice Trainers who have proved her or his abilities to train our ponies in the more intricate details of the lifestyle. You have a certain understanding of D/s relationships and what is proper, you are socially competent enough to actually convey their knowledge to ponies, you want to train Ponies and Grooms to help them to improve and maybe deliver them sign-offs? If yes, then this role is for you. To get the Graal you have to show your abilities and get several sign-offs from Senior Trainers and when all are completed present them to one of our Stable Manager. Events, track training, the ability to RP - all that is important at this rank. That, and a very healthy dose of common sense. After a little interview, the asked Stable Manager may process you as Trainer or not or ask you to improve before the next checkup. Trainers CANNOT invite new Aspirants into the flock but they can help them to integrate the community, but they may change the rank Pony/Animal/Mare.

Senior Trainer

Proposed by Stable Managers to Stable Owner, they do everything that a Groom and Trainer do. Because of their bigger experience, they are considered as a key role to ensure that every Aspirant and every Apprentice Trainer receive a PFS compliant training and are in charge of the sign-offs for the soon to be Trainers. They are the guardians keepers of the stable know-how by keeping it alive and adapt if needed. They have acquired enough wisdom and common sense to be able to debate any knowledge regarding ponyplay and are able to always take the best for PFS.

Stable Managers

The PFS Stable Manager is the extension of the Stable Owner to run the place , they are empowered by the Owner trust and they are with the Stable Owner the heads of the PFS Family, taking care of all of the PFS Family members. They all do everything that a Senior Trainer, Trainer of or Groom does, PFS is considered their main place to go their home of homes as they are involved in the day to day running of the sim. They show no kind of favoritism when dealing with conflict to keep PFS the go-to of ponyplay homes. They also wield the ban hammer and are not afraid to use it and they all have estate rights. In case of trouble, Stable Managers have the ability to override any and all settings made on the PFS collar, no matter if an owner has been set. This ability is not used in daily stable life but meant to be a safeguard for the (very rare) case that a pony is in need of help. Remember: Our Stable Managers, too, come here to have fun and do what they do in their spare time. So, don't drop drama on them, if you can avoid it. They can do any activities they feel more fitting in for (included but not limited: processing new Aspirants/Grooms, set and host events, processing collars, sign offs for Aspirant Ponies and Apprentice Trainers, etc) Stable Managers goals are to be sure that no one ends up ignored and PFS is a fun place to be for everyone in the big PFS Family. They only have to be accountable to the Owner which has a general veto right for anything that doesn’t fit the common interest of! Any Stable Manager received the full rights to engage in anything as long the decision has been made in the respect of others. They must mediate any conflicts that arise and should seek a diplomatic way to any conflicts rather than a fighting attitude because their main concern is PFS Family well being in the first place rather than personal conflicts which can be settled in private discussions. Since PFS Family grows, Stable Managers can propose to Stable Owner for promotion to Sr. Trainer those Trainers that are involved in daily basis life on PFS grounds. Stable Managers will assume the responsibility of their proposed Sr. Trainer (like making sure they get help when they need it or look over them in case they are having any issues related with PFS Family) PFS Family being only one and events are the best time for having fun and meeting beside the sofas, PFS Grounds will only hold one event at a time without overlapping, excepting events that are more than 12 hours which can be overlapped with shorter events that take 1-2 Hrs.

Stable Owner

Nico, the Stable Owner has the responsibilities of the Stable Managers and ensures that the stable as a whole is a fun place to be. She's often seeing buildings, scripting, or doing other things that us mere mortals have no knowledge of ;) In general: Please do not bother her with drama unless you have an unresolvable dispute with the Stable Managers.

[PFS] Ponies From Space - Staff List

2022-01-23 02:27:20

Total number of staff: 25

UUID|User Name|Level|Event host
134a03fb-49bb-450e-ba49-f6bd42a660c6|nico.waxen|Owner from Space|yes
Total Number: 1
b22639ec-f714-4e64-b199-91ad8886553b|aoife.lawson|Manager from Space|no
340696e5-c500-4f2d-afd8-0d7d1a886836|arika.static|Manager from Space|yes
46196839-886e-42fc-bffd-07ae7dbe4565|deea.salty|Manager from Space|yes
0e013b24-b61b-4565-a498-4fee011507bb|fluffythebimbo.swallowtail|Manager from Space|yes
Total Number: 4
c415a528-a638-4cab-880f-876c26a7c469|neceh.zenovka|Senior Trainer from Space|yes
f1ef54b4-e38a-451e-af34-30573ef33cee|sasina.beattie|Senior Trainer from Space|no
Total Number: 2
9b92788e-9ef5-4ffc-b2ce-b8268d7c1b8f|alister.lemon|Trainer from Space|no
b96ed245-c47c-4bba-8f5c-4ad60f6ae514|laurastrid|Trainer from Space|no
79d72af7-0a48-4e21-8448-5fb425852304|mistress.lycia|Trainer from Space|no
723132c2-78f2-4c20-b006-1e02a8bf54e0|phoeximiliam.renfort|Trainer from Space|no
3cf202a4-80a1-460a-8e1d-36f6517afd03|renrakudeus|Trainer from Space|no
ff2d36a9-67f3-4015-bbc4-0d886bdc6dd7|wyland.greene|Trainer from Space|no
Total Number: 6
f3f25874-d007-4c70-a3eb-2bb62a63f953|daeani|Groom or Apprentice Trainer from Space|no
59c2af05-5f57-4557-a145-a24e9e66fc95|ekath.okelly|Groom or Apprentice Trainer from Space|no
78e77da0-c9d7-460b-8fc1-10fa53cbe80c|freddy.kungler|Groom or Apprentice Trainer from Space|no
68c2a578-7215-47c0-b3dd-cfdb8e471386|jdwhat|Groom or Apprentice Trainer from Space|no
318fee39-e904-47f6-8823-c932c54e61a8|maralyn.corleone|Groom or Apprentice Trainer from Space|no
4867609f-9bcd-4f60-802b-47539ffaff41|noel659|Groom or Apprentice Trainer from Space|no
3718d8cf-e718-4ad8-838e-06f123e3ebdd|qgj|Groom or Apprentice Trainer from Space|no
d80944a4-296c-480f-9609-5ed0a80b8238|selineblando|Groom or Apprentice Trainer from Space|no
0eb315a3-f9cb-4f57-9e66-953d5075ce34|shinoa.rajal|Groom or Apprentice Trainer from Space|no
8e1a89a5-b453-44ca-a213-7aa788318eca|shirayuriflower|Groom or Apprentice Trainer from Space|no
3783cb4e-72c3-42ad-8bfd-2183d730bde4|stormcrow.echegaray|Groom or Apprentice Trainer from Space|no
fddbac6a-621b-4530-966a-f6192f38091d|wcy2014|Groom or Apprentice Trainer from Space|no
Total Number: 12