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[PFS] Events Series

[PFS] Events Series will run on PFS grounds only and will be open for everyone (except if you are not compliant with the access rules) to attend as they can provide fun and a place and time for people to meet.

These events are a great time for any newbie pony to learn from others by watching and reproducing from the best. Learning from the experienced one is considered fun too.

The goal is to have a fun time altogether, so the event shouldn’t last longer than 2h, except in some special cases where the event needs to be kept running longer to be sure everyone attending had a minimum of fun. Only the designed event host can adapt the duration time while the event is running.

The event host has to be aware to not overlap any other event running with a similar duration time in the PFS region. It is allowed to overlap CLP or Group events because they last more than one day.

We recommend everyone in tack to run these events but it is not required as we aim for everyone to have fun in tack or not. Please remember that PFS Ponies (wearing PFS pony tag or collar mode set to pony) are required to be tacked

Quick Jump, modified AO’s and any other tools that will give someone an unfair advantage over other participants will result in disqualifying.

Events results will be posted on the PFS webpage and ribbons or other trophies will be awarded for the Top 3 result.

Hosting of events will be done by Deea, Daisy, and/or Nico or any other PFS Staff Member that will express an interest in hosting such events and express that to any of the 3 listed above, but everyone in PFS is encouraged to take part as hosts especially Apprentice Trainers.

The event host has to fill the agenda, send pre-event & post-event notices, open-run-close the event, and distribute the ribbons. The pre-event notice has to be sent early enough to give the staff the time to organize training sessions, but a sudden event can be set up as well.

The event will be scheduled every week or two weeks depending on the availability of the staff and other running events.

The communication channels will be the PFS Group and Discord #announcement channel.

PFS rules will be the ones to govern these events!