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The PFS Staff HUD

To help the staff in there daily work at PFS, a staff HUD is available from every PFS collar with version 7.27 or higher.

The staff HUD is also avalaible at the so called sofa area.

1. The HUD interface


The PFS Staff HUD is a useful tool that help any staff or pony in its daily activities around PFS. It has been designed to make your life easier. The main HUD gives you several informations regarding your position at PFS

The first line display your staff position and pony rank, if you have. If you have none you will be displayed as pressed and PFS Guest

The second line display your actual week points as PFS staff

If you are a lucky PFS Pony that owns a stall at PFS barn, the ring where you are leashed on store command is displeyd down right

The HUD have differents buttons with the following features:


Access the integrated web browser to get your personnal informations regarding your activities at PFS as staff and the PFS Cargo System


Access the Whip Commands HUD for carting and whip circle


Access the PFS Collar Shortcuts HUD


Access this page or use it as Compass to navigate through PFS regions to deliver your goods using the PFS Cargo System


If you are not a PFS staff, the Collar Shortcuts HUD won't be allowed to get accessed, but the rest of the HUD is still working. So anyone can use it as a free Whip HUD or use it with the PFS Cargo System

1.1 The PFS Cargo System tab

staff tab

This page list all the goods you have carried using the PFS Cargo System, as driver or pony. The top of the page gives you your weekly activities points at PFS as staff, the numbers of carried goods and the related points given by them

1.2 The whip tab

whip tab

This tab will help you to give orders to your pony for the usual ponyplay like carting, whip circle, etc...You can get a menu to adjust the settings to your liking using the Neon wheel 100.png

whip settings

setting description
-set volume- changes the volume of the played sounds, from 0 (no sound) to 10 (maximaum)
-mute sound- toggles the mute sound enabled/disabled
-mute text- toggles the mute text enabled/disabled
-set name- sets a custom display name used for the text chat
-set gender- selects the gender you want to use for the text chat male/neutral/female, it also toggle the sound expression gender
-set type- selects the type of animal for the text chat
-bee speed- disables all the blinking animations to increases the speed, careful on the sound mess!
-chg size- toggle the Whip HUD size to 3 sizes: small, medium & big

1.3 The collar tab

collar tab

This tab will help you to use the PFS collar features by using buttons instead of the command line. The available commands are:

function description
menu Access all worn collars, locked or unlocked
yank yank all the leashed collars to your hand to make them moving close to you
store store all leashed collars to your hand if they are in one of the pony mode
mlon toggle all locked and leashed collars to your hands to forced mouselook
mloff Release all locked and leashed collars to your hand from forced mouselook
zap Zap all leashed collars to your hands
grab Grab the leash from all availabke collars
unleash Unleash all leashed collars from your hands
length Adjust the leash length from all the collars leashed to you
leashto Leash transfer from your hand to the compatible PFS leash post
take Leash transfer from compatible PFS leash post to your hand


The commands only works in a range of 20m

if you want to focus on one collar in particular, you can use the target mode and select the one from the list. the selected avatar will be displayed down right with its collar prefix

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2. HUD resizing

The HUD can be resized at your willing up to a minimum size that the mesh allows. If you want to change the size, right click the worn [PFS] Staff HUD and select edit


if you cannot see the worn HUD on your screen, it may be rezzed outside your screen area, you can hold the key alt pressed and roll the mouse wheel to adjust temporarily the screen scaling. You should be able to locate your HUD and move it to the center

Staff hud resize menu.png

once the edit window is open you can hold the keys shift + control and grab one of the handle from one of the corner

Staff hud resize menu2.png

keep shift + control pressed, right click the mouse on the handle and move the mouse on the scale to your desired size

Staff hud resize menu3.png

When the HUD has reached the desired size you can release all mouse button and keyboard keys, you can also close the edit window. The HUD will take a little time to resize all the elements, give it some seconds.