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Ponies From Space (PFS) is a pony play stable that prides itself on being a fun and safe place for that kind of BDSM play. We do a lot of casual events and training here, as well as host events for the Pony League. PFS is also a regular participant in the SL Polo League - originally the stable was founded for the purpose of entering teams for the polo league.

Code of Conduct

  1. Everyone is welcome to visit. No matter if you're furry, scaly, black, If you're looking for a safe place to have some fun at, welcome!

  2. PFS is a mature-themed sim. Childlike avatars, as well as any other activities banned by the Linden Labs Terms of Service (, are not welcome here.

  3. We come here to have fun. If you are having trouble with someone, resolve the issue in private. Any disruptive behavior such as griefing, general abuse, or scamming attempts is not welcome here. You have been warned, we're not interested in having any drama here!

  4. Remember that your kink isn't necessarily someone else's kink. Respect that, and remember why we come here: To have fun!

    • A few, particular facets of BDSM are just not a good fit for PFS. To that end, Financial Domination (FinDom) and snuff or scat play (*especially* execution scenes, human toilets...etc) must not be pursued here at all. You are welcome to do so on other sims that fit that particular kink - but PFS is not among those.
  5. Informed consent matters in BDSM play! If someone tells you that they are not interested in playing with you...back off. This is especially true if you are a visitor to the stable. Do not just assume consent. ASK beforehand, if need be.

    While visitors are of course welcome, they are restricted from accessing PFS collars, stall doors, and many of the activity boards on the sim.

    To that end, remember that ((OOC)) is your friend and must be respected, always. If someone tells you to ((STOP)), you do just that. It's not an invitation to just keep going as if nothing has happened.

    Failure to heed this one can and will force our hand (suspension/ban). You have been warned!

    • To emphasize: PFS is not an open enrollment or public service stable. We are not a realm of Gor, and PFS is not your hunting ground. Our ponies have consented to our staff having access to their collars and restraints.

      As visitors, you are expected to be respectful and approach both staff and ponies levelheaded. As far as visitors are concerned, no matter what kind of title they are using, there is NO power gradient between our ponies and them, unless the pony in question agrees that there is one.

      So in short: Visitors are not in a position to give our ponies instructions or to make demands of them. They can expect a polite curtsy, but they are not to chastise or reprimand a stable pony. If you believe that a pony has been rude/behaved inappropriately, bring it up with a PFS Trainer or above roles.

      Also please note: It is safe to say that PFS is not a place for finding the next "Dominant" that you could break. If someone is wearing their staff title, that is a very clear indicator that they are *not* available. Just don't even try it. Don't say that we didn't warn you.

      Last but not least: Not knowing these rules or not reading them completely is not an excuse for any rule violations. Our response to visitors going against our idea of informed consent and power gradients that have to be earned is quite swift and usually permanent.

      So: Use common sense. You have been warned.

  6. Any decisions made by the PFS Stable Managers or the Stable Owner concerning activities on the sim are to be respected and heeded. You are welcome to discuss them in private with us, but any public debate/drama about a staff decision is not welcome here.

Joining PFS

PFS is not an open enrollment stable. If you wish to go past being a visitor and join us, you need to talk to Stable Managers (names at the end of this notecard). Expect a few questions about your motivation and your desires, more so if you wish to join as a Groom (since we're very careful with who we entrust the care of our ponies with). Please note that the PFS collar can only be purchased if your application was approved by one of the Stable Manager or Stable Owner.

Requirements for joining PFS

  • Your avatar is at least 60 days old. Exceptions can be made for staff applicants that show exceptional skill and behavior/activity. No exception will be made for pony applicants.

  • You look at least remotely human. Meaning you have two legs, a head, and two arms. Exceptions can be made if you are looking to become a stable pet.

  • You are interested in the BDSM ponyplay lifestyle, either as a Groom/Trainer or as a submissive/pony.

  • Common sense and the idea of not taking everything with a grain of salt (as in: not too seriously) are in your blood ;)

  • The idea of consensual and safe play appeals to you. While capturing RP and forced submission can be fun, you will have trouble finding a PFS trainer that likes that kind of play. Yes, a few may very well do, but that's the exception to the rule. You may also encounter trainers that will flat out refuse to indulge that particular fantasy of yours. Especially when it comes to joining us.

  • Ideally, you've been around PFS for a bit and have explored the place/interacted with the ponies and trainers here. The absolute minimum is 3 days for both staff and pony applicants.

  • A willingness to interact with PFS ponies and staff (that includes being trained by PFS staff, even if you have an owner, and it includes you training ponies other than your own if you join as a Groom).

This is something that you should expect, it is NOT optional. If your owner forbids you to interact with the staff (or even other ponies) here at PFS, and basically just stores you here while they are not interacting with you...PFS is not for you. Please move on.

We are not a daycare facility or pony boarding school for those people that can't be bothered to train their pet themselves. This also applies to owners wanting to learn just how to train their pets. If you come here with no real intention of interacting with our ponies...move on.

To that end, a chat with a Stable Manager, to explore your motivation for joining us is mandatory.

About Childish Avatar

PFS doesn't allow a child or young teen avatars, a minimum height of 1.60m is mandatory, but the entire AVI and behavior is taken into account, Tiny Furries are considered child avatars and are not acceptable here. Furries with the required minimum height and the appropriate behavior are allowed, they are accepted as PFS pony or PFS groom only. Avi's such as "my little pony" or other "toys" are allowed but cannot pretend to become PFS pony or PFS staff Petites (fairies), real cats, or real dogs are specifically exempted and are allowed, as long they don't look like becoming PFS pony or PFS staff You can say your Avi is 18 all you want, but if it looks like a child, play elsewhere, Height is not the only determining factor - the entire avi and behavior are taken into account. Anime avatars are not exempt from the Adult Avatar requirement. Anime characters are very childish looking which will probably result in you being asked to change your appearance. Stable Managers and The Stable Owner are the only ones to judge if your avatar is considered childish or not, or If you can get Official Clarification from Linden Labs that THEY consider your avi to be adult, we will accept it. If you are asked to change your avatar, respect them and do it, or leave. Recidivist that keep annoying the staff will be simply banned more to be found:

The PFS Collar

PFS uses a custom scripted stable collar, which can be purchased for a one-time fee of 600L$ at the vendor in the barn. The proceeds from those sales go entirely towards paying the sims monthly fee. The collar comes with all features needed for the staff to train our ponies (RLV relay, most available RLV restrictions, a custom leash script, memory function, and much more) and is directly linked to a ponies stall, should she/he have one. It also comes with an owner feature, allowing pony owners that are not a member of the stable staff to interact with their pony/restrict access to the pony by PFS staff if need be. For further information about the collar, feel free to ask our stable staff!

Other helpful tools

Besides the collar, PFS offers a number of other, helpful toys and plugins. Those are (for a modest fee, going entirely to paying the sim costs) also available at the collar vendor in the barn. Available toys and plugins are:

  • A number of custom restraints and hoods, all with built-in PFS access
  • PFS plugins for both MD and RR restraints (highly recommended for every Aspirant, intentionally very cheap at 50L$ each, allowing staff members to grab the keys)
  • A cute PFS leg carrier for all those documents (notecards) that our staff needs to see
  • A functional HUD for pony emotes and gestures
  • And much more

Pony Appearance

PFS enjoys the creativity and expression of our ponies, so we don't really set many hard and fast rules on their tack and appearance.

That said, any pony must be immediately recognizable as such and should make sure that their tack has at least the following basic parts, which should be worn at all times when on the sim:

  • Bridle
  • Tail
  • Hooves on feet
  • Pony AO
  • Arm bindings via cuffs, arm binders, or hand hooves.
  • Spanker (only recommended)