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PFS Staff tries to offer variety of events aimed both at ponyplay or just fun for the community. PFS started as stable focused on polo, but over time it became multi focused stable. Fun is the main requirement for an event.

Thematic events include polo trainings, tournaments and leagues, pony league events and group challenges, thematic classes, different dressage events etc. Fun and socializing events include parties, beach talks for moderated chat, greedy tournaments, bubblizer, bumper cars and many more.

Running your own event

Would you like to run your own event? Great! Please check with the respective team, where you can consult suitable date and time. You may also want to advertise in notices and on Discord.

Impromptu events without prior adverisement are welcome too. For instance feel free to grab 4 ponies around or from group chat for polo training when you like. Just please make sure your plans don't collide with an actual event.