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Pony classes & expected behavior

Ponies are encouraged to express themselves how they see fit, but we do ask that all ponies at least behave with respect and understanding for others. Try not to cause hurt or offense with your behavior, and if you enjoy being a bit of a bratty or difficult pony to work with, remember not to push it too far or you may find it difficult to find a trainer to work with. Flat out disobedience certainly is not a good way to get a Groom or Trainer to work with you again. PFS has several different "classes" of pony, separated by the restrictions that are bestowed/inflicted upon them ;) Note: Stable staff (except Stable Managers and Stable Owner) that switches will *not* be able to access the PFS collar of other ponies as long as the staff member is in pony form her/himself. (V7 collar+ set to "pony" mode or higher).


Aspirants are the newest members of the flock. They are encouraged to roam (if allowed) and get to know both their fellow ponies and of course the grooms and trainers. Restrictions are (somewhat) relaxed for that purpose. Time as an Aspirant is a minimum of 30 calendar days. To become a "full" stable pony, the Aspirant needs to collect "sign-offs" from interactions with the stable staff. The PFS collar must be locked. Roaming is only allowed at staff discretion, Default RLV settings are relaxed (subject to staff discretion, within the specified limits of the pony), and an Aspirant may not be put into the Network, at all. If the Aspirant needs to go elsewhere for any kind of business, the collar can be hidden and the group block removed. During the notecard processing, this information has to be said to the staff to be added to the limit section. An Aspirant that has managed to get all of her/his sign-offs will be promoted to one of the ranks listed below. Just which one of these ranks is suitable for the pony should be determined by the pony and the Stable Manager in charge talking about it.

Under no circumstances shall a Stable Manager select the rank themselves without giving the pony a say, this must be a consensual decision that involves the pony.

staff roles

Stable Ponies

Aspirants that have proven themselves (and have chosen the path of a stable pony) are promoted to this rank and will be assigned their very own stall. This stall, however, is directly tied to the ponies activity. A pony that is inactive for 30 days or more will automatically lose her/his stall. if a pony loses the rights to keep a stall to her/his name, she/he may lose at the same time the right to rez at PFS and the objects can be returned by staff. Stable ponies, too, may roam if a Trainer approves it. RLV settings are still somewhat relaxed by default (maybe changed freely at staff discretion, within pony limits, network *is* allowed)

Stable Animals

Submissives that feel that the life of a simple Stable Pony is not restrictive enough/are longing to feel a little more helpless may ask to become a Stable Animal instead of being a Stable Pony. Note again that this decision must not be made by a Trainer or Stable Manager alone. It must involve the pony. Stable Animals have significantly tightened restrictions. They may not roam at all and are only allowed to leave their stall on a leash. Start IM is off, touch restrictions and several other RLV settings are in place - that are reset to the default upon login, discarding any changes made by staff during a session. The "no roaming" restriction is enforced by the collar and the animal will be automatically TPed back to their stall upon login unless a member of the stable staff grabs their leash within 90 seconds of the Animal logging in.

Stable Mares

Stable Mares are submissives that have opted to be treated entirely like a dumb animal. As such, they are subject to full RLV restrictions (no IM's, forced network/ML), may not roam, and are reduced to communicating with emotes only. Once again, before promoting someone to this rank, a discussion between Trainer and Pony is needed. Do not promote a Pony to this rank without their consent. Joining the ranks of the mares is a step that should be carefully considered, as it clearly is not for everyone. The staff may decide that being a mare is not to the submissives benefit. Note: We do not recommend this rank for anyone suffering from the ML (nausea etc).

Xtrem Mares

Xtrem Mares are submissives that enjoy very hard restrictions, compared to Mares, Xtrem Mares cannot talk on the pony network, emotes, gestures, or HUDs. Only the PFS RLV gestures HUD is allowing the pony to communicate. Before to get into this be sure you can handle it!