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1. Introduction

Compared to ML (mouselook), butt grab will let you handle all ponyplays with more accuracy, this should help you to improve your performance in many disciplines.

You can easily use butt grab for all ponyplays activities except whip circle. It's not recommanded for whip circle because your AO always takes the shortest route and if you turn right 180° the AO may turn the avatar left 180° because it is shorter. Polo is where the butt grabb is the most efficient compared to ML, you can see and do a lot more.

Butt grab has no goal to replace ML outside ponyplay. Nothing better than ML to make your pet feeling more pony like *giggles*

Switching from ML to butt grab need time to get used to it, fast improvements are not to be expected

2. What's butt grab

Butt grab uses the normal view

When you go into ML, your avatar follows the mouvement of your mouse and keyboard keys direction

When you stay in the normal view, if you grab the butt of your avatar, your mouse will move your avatar in the same way than ML, and the keyboard keys direction works the same way too

Butt grab view allows you one more thing, the control of your cam position, you can dynamically change it. This is maybe the hardest point to get through, but you can block it

3. How it works?

Buttgrab click area2.png

Warning64.png Hidden objects view activated (Ctrl+Alt+T).

Keep the left mouse button pressed and move it…

Mouse left right.png Your avatar turns to the right or left

Mouse up down.png Your cam height change

If you release the mouse button you will lose the butt grab control, this might be a problem if you need to keep the button pressed and move in an accurate way your mouse, but you can fix it…

Advice: press escape key before to grab the butt to reset the cam distance

4. How to stay in butt grab?

You can use the click lock from de Mouse Properties pannel to stay in Butt Grab as long you want. This is particularly handy for long period!

4.1. Open Mouse Properties via Control Panel

Mouse pannel 1.png
Mouse pannel 2.png
Mouse pannel 3.png

4.2. Open Mouse Properties via Run Command

Hold down the Windows Key and Press R on your keyboard, or right click the Windows start button and select run command. Once you’ve got the Run command box open, type main.cpl and press Enter


5. Butt grab in action

Butt grab 1.png

With ML, when you approaches a barrel, it’s hard to figure out how far away you are, are you too far and losing time, or too close and you will touch it ?

That’s what butt grab is helping you…

Butt grab 2.png

With Butt grab you can see how far away you are, but turning around the barrel with that view angle will be hard!

Our mouse is not enough sensitive to make a sharp turn, you have to raise you camera to have a better view…

Butt grab 3.png

Pull your mouse to raise the camera over your avatar, you will improve the view and increase the mouse sensitivity, perfect for a sharp turn.

Butt grab 4.png

Once you did the job, you can push your mouse to get a better overview on your trajectory.

6. Video butt grab without hitbox

Video buttgrab no hitbox.png

7. Some tips

7.1. Block camera angle

If you use this combinaison of keys, you can froze the angle of your camera to the actual position, moving up and down your mouse will not have an effect.

  1. Press “Alt” key while you enable butt grab
  2. Once locked in butt grab release mouse button and “Alt” key
  3. Don’t move your mouse !!!
  4. Press shortly the left arrow key from your keyboard
  5. Our camera position is frozen!

7.2. Adjust the camera distance

Particularly helpful for polo where a high angle of view is useful to have a better overview on the ball, your teammate and the noughties opponents ponies.

  1. Press “Ctrl + 8” to move your camera away
  2. Press “Ctrl + 0” to move your camera closer
  3. Press “Ctrl + 9” to reset your camera position

To all polo players I recommend to move one step the camera away

7.3. Avoid butt grab for whip circle

The side effect of Butt grab is that your viewer will take the shortest way to turn your avatar

This may be confusing you when moving your mouse to the right and see your avatar turning to the left

And that will be taken as a mistake by the whip circle host

8. Hitbox


For SL, you look a tad different…


You can enable or disable the Hitbox from the menu...


9. Video butt grab with hitbox

Video buttgrab with hitbox.png

The hitbox height depends of the avatar height

The hitbox width usually never change

Collision with gates, barrels or steeples are calculated from your hitbox, whatever you wear!

Using your hitbox is another way to improve your performance