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In SL Ponyplay, carting is one of the most widespread activity. It's a time when the staff can relax from their hard working day and at the same time ponies are busy while pulling the cart to the given direction. A cart can be pulled by up to 5 ponies with up to 4 passengers and sometime a VIP guest locked in a cage. However all of this can only work smoothly if everyone on the cart uses same communication standard between the driver and the ponies, otherwise all of this can easily ends into a mess! That's why we use specific whip commands to orders the ponies to go in this or that direction with a given speed.

At Ponies from Space you meet mostly 2 ways how to drive a cart. Lets call it the vintage and modern styles. The difference is not big, but it's good to note. In every case pony should focus the trainer and follow specific commands, for instance when trainer wishes them to use speed 2 and only slow down in turns, they need to follow such order.

To give orders to the pulling ponies, usually trainers uses whip HUD, like the one from Pink Bunny.

Whip Command Hud MP Picture.jpg

The [PFS] Collar provides you one for free from the leash menu, wear the [PFS] Staff HUD.

Pfs staff hud.png

Warning64.png Pony be aware, if you use the chat window during carting, the arrows keys will not command the cart anymore. Never forget to escape you chat window. You have no excuse if you get punished!

Warning64.png Pony, if you come to a T crossing and the driver didn't order a direction, no need to continue and hit your wall with your nose! Stop before the crossing and wait like a good pony the direction to take. When the wished direction is ordered you restart at the same speed like before.

Warning64.png The diversity of carting whip command style is very high, since there is no real standard, mostly everyone work its own one. Those two tables should avoid some confusions and help both pony a driver to understand each other. If you want to use your own comands, no problem, just inform the pony about it and enjoy the ride.

Table of "modern" commands

Whip carting modern.png

Table of "vintage" commands

Whip carting vintage.png

[PFS] Carting HUD

To be sure the ponies are behaving and following the orders given by the driver, every cart at [PFS] offers to the driver the possibility to wear a carting HUD. This HUD, once attached, will monitor how pony(ies) pulls the cart. link to SL Marketplace

Carting hud.png


You can also use the WASD keys to motion the cart or ZQSD for the french azerty users.

Wasd caring.png

You can enable this features from Firestorm preferences menu

Firestorm wasd.png