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[PFS] Ponies From Space


Ponies From Space [PFS] is a pony play stable that prides itself on being a fun and safe place for that kind of BDSM play.

We do a lot of casual events and training here, as well as host events for the Pony League.

PFS is also a regular participant in the SL Polo League - originally the stable was founded for the purpose of entering teams for the polo league.

Ponies From Space [PFS] was founded in 2015 by Nico Waxen. It was created initially to add a little variety to the well-known dungeon themed sim that Nico had made popular. That first incarnation was done using half of the current sim. Who knew then what PFS would become.

The founding principles were to create a place where ponies could come and enjoy ponyplay, regardless of their experience. There was a small stable, a few paths, a crazy scripter, and a commitment to fun. PFS has grown tremendously, now encompassing five full sims as well as one homestead – and still has the crazy scripter. Even more important, it has grown to become known as Crazyland.

Grooms, trainers, and ponies of all levels and desires continue to converge on PFS, making it THE pony place to be. Whether your desires are mild or wild, there is a place for you. The founder continues to create devices that enhance the pony experience. The PFS collar is one of the best, if not the best, that exists.

That initial small stable has grown, now able to house over one hundred ponies. The Ponies From Space group has swelled to over 1,600 members. There are weekly skill challenges, gaming events, social dances, training classes, and even a live singer from time to time.